In the name of animal welfare, pony rides in Paris in the hot seat

Lurist attractions involving living beings are numerous, but many of them can be compared to cruelty. Practice anchored in our daily lives, pony rides for the little ones in public spaces are in turn singled out. Wednesday, June 8, Le Figaro reports the accusations of the animal protection association PAZ (Paris animals zoopolis) against this family “entertainment”. Greatly solicited by the children, the equines used in the capital suffer “many sufferings” and work in deplorable conditions: lack of fresh water and fodder, unsuitable bits and reins, extended days… Consequently, the association wants have pony rides banned in the City of Light.

“Despite the signing of a generalist charter on animal well-being and a personalized agreement with the town hall of Paris, the equestrian centers do not respect their commitments. After investigation, we found serious shortcomings on their part. Ponies are not toys. We are fighting for the end of pony rides in Paris, and regret that the Parisian executive does not follow us, ”laments Amandine Sanvisens, co-founder of PAZ. During the last Council of Paris (May 31) the question was debated, but the decision was postponed. In the meantime, the town hall has put the three Parisian operators on this market on notice.

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The mayor of Paris mentions “serious sprains”

“This activity allows you to forge a link between animals and children in the urban environment, but cannot be carried out in just any conditions. Dealers have until June 15 to make their views known. If their explanations are not satisfactory, the charter provides for financial penalties, 500 euros per day, until the termination of the agreement”, warns Christophe Najdovski, assistant for green spaces, who mentions “serious sprains to past three-year agreements”. . The companies refute the accusations of abuse and claim to be, at present, “in a phase of dialogue”.

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