In the Oise, she discovers her dog hanged on her way home

The Malinois was saved by its owner, Pauline Joly. She denounces a relentlessness against her two dogs after several complaints against their barking for four years.

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It all happened in a few minutes for Orus, a 3 and a half year old Malinois. Pauline Joly, its owner, discovered the dog hanging from a beam by its leash, its choke collar around its neck, on Saturday June 25 on returning from work in the middle of the afternoon. ”
If I hadn’t arrived in time, within minutes, he wouldn’t be here.
“says the resident of Lihus, a village north of Beauvais.

A veterinarian is due to examine the dog on Wednesday. This one only seems to be suffering from inflammation around the neck. ”
His behavior hasn’t changed, but he has nightmares and doesn’t want to put on his collar anymore
“, Details Pauline Joly, who brought in the gendarmerie and the mayor the same day. A complaint was filed Monday, June 27.

“It’s a daily grind”

The owner believes there is a link between the act and the barking complaints of the two dogs in the house. ”
We arrived four years ago and immediately there was a letter to complain. The mayor warned us. We took the initiative to build kennels and we bought anti-bark collars. We also found meatballs with nails inside and my rear car window was smashed.. The day before the incident, another letter regarding the barking arrived. ”
It’s not a coincidence, it’s a daily relentlessness. »

The neighbors refute any nuisance barking and show solidarity. ”
It must be awfultestifies Isabelle Grimoin. We want to go see them to tell them that we had nothing to do with it. » «
You have to live in town if you are bothered by barkingsupports another neighbor. I would not have been to put my paws there, already that when we pass, the dogs yell.
» «
I didn’t train Orus to bite, emphasizes his mistress. You pet it, you feed it and it becomes your best friend.

I will talk to members of the city council to see how we can react to this act of cruelty,
reacts the mayor, Thierry Levasseur. This case seems absurd to me. We are talking about a dog that is a nuisance because it barks. There is still nothing dramatic. I strongly denounce this act. I am a dog owner and that is unspeakable.

Since I posted a message on social networks, I have had a lot of testimonials from people who have experienced the same thing, says Pauline Joly. You really must have no heart. I contacted 30 million friends, the SPA and another association against animal abuse because I don’t want to let this act pass.

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