In the south of Eure: the wandering wolf-dog gives them a nightmare

Daniel and Christelle Laurent regularly come across the Czechoslovakian wolfdog around the hamlet in which they live. (©Cyrill Roy / La Dépêche d’Évreux and DR)

“I haven’t been able to sleep for a week and a half. “Christelle Laurent has a voice that trembles at the mention of the facts. It all started in mid-March 2022, when she spotted a Czechoslovakian wolfdog in the hamlet Les Hayes, near Dame-Marie and Conde-sur-Itonin the south of Eure.

With her husband Daniel, she contacted the deputy mayor of the former commune of Dame-Marie, who informed them that the wolf crossed with a German shepherd had been hanging out in the area since the beginning of January.

He started attacking the sheep

After having attacked the hens of the surroundings, the dog took it directly with sheep of the couple. On the night of Sunday April 3 to Monday April 4, he killed two fifteen-day-old lambs and injured the larger one. He returned the following Saturday evening to attack the mother and the last of the triplets.

Exasperated, Daniel and Christelle Laurent invested in a night camera of hunting that they installed in front of their building to be able to catch the animal in the act and bring evidence to the gendarmes.

After identifying its owner, they attempted to explain the problem to him. “He told us that his dog was not hanging out, they are sorry. He had problems at Dame-Marie, but he told us that he had put up fences to prevent him from going out since. »

fear for children

Thursday, April 14, Daniel and Christelle Laurent received a visit from Thierry Lecluse, one of their neighbors. While walking his dogs, he came across the beast which directly attacked his animals. “I’ve been here for fourteen years, I’ve never had any problems,” he says.

The wolf-dog photographed by Daniel and Christelle Laurent's nocturnal camera.
The wolf-dog photographed by Daniel and Christelle Laurent’s nocturnal camera. (©DR)

“We see this wolf-dog almost every day, gets carried away Christelle Laurent. He preys on dogs, so imagine what he can do to a child. It is this last point that worries him the most, the neighborhood being made up of young families. “When the weather is nice, the kids go cycling: I wouldn’t mind if anything happened to them. »

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“We are asking for protective measures”

The couple filed a complaint twice with the gendarmerie, and the message was passed on to the town halls of Condé-sur-Iton and Dame-Marie. But nothing was done. “We are asking for protective measures. They have to force him to lock up his dog. »

In the meantime, Daniel and Christelle Laurent have sheltered the four sheep they have left. “We were told that it was up to us to protect ourselves. But they’re still herbivores. We’ll have to put them in the grass, and then we won’t be able to do anything more. »

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