In the United States, birth of a baby red wolf in a zoo

VS’is a small miracle. A baby red wolf was born at the beginning of May in the Roger Williams Parks zoo, located in the state of Rhode Island in the United States. Zoo officials waited a few weeks before revealing this lovely news. This announcement, relayed by BFMTV, came to delight animal defenders because this species is on the verge of extinction. There are only about fifteen red wolves left in the wild and about 250 specimens in captivity.

The first name of the little canine has not been revealed. On the other hand, the Roger Williams Parks zoo explained his story, and in particular said who his parents were. The cub is the first baby of Brave (the mother), 6, and Diego, 7, to survive. Hence the caution of trainers before announcing the news.

The baby wolf still under surveillance

Brave was able to give birth to her baby in a brand new den, under the supervision of veterinarians, who have been keeping an eye on her for a month using an infrared camera, without being too intrusive.

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Brave is nursing her cub, which is developing normally until then, zoo officials said in a statement. The mother and her baby will still remain under close surveillance for several days. The baby’s survival is still not guaranteed. He needs to keep gaining weight and growing.

To follow the evolution of the little wolf, visitors to the Roger Williams Parks zoo will first have to content themselves with consulting the park’s website and the Instagram account, which shares photos. Because it will take a few more weeks before mother and baby venture outside their den together.

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