In Tokyo, this giant 3D animated dog does not go unnoticed

UNUSUAL – Passers-by in the Shibuya business district in Tokyo are entitled to a new attraction. Since July 29, a 3D animation brings a dog to life on huge advertising screens, as you can see in our video at the top of the article.

Every hour, an Akita Inu (not to be confused with the Shiba Inu) starts playing with his frisbee, jumping from one screen to another. In total, the dog evolves over an area of ​​about three basketball courts to the delight of onlookers who attend the show and capture it on their smartphone.

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Behind this superb giant dog, the Japanese company “Hit”, which markets advertising space in this district of the megalopolis. A kind of Japanese JC Decaux who wants to highlight the strike force of this particularly stunning 3D device.

The choice of the Akita Inu is also far from trivial. This dog is very popular with the Japanese, especially thanks to the story of Hachikō. This Akita is known to have waited daily and for almost 10 years for his master at Shibuya station, located a few meters from these giant screens. A true example of loyalty. This dog has become so popular that he even has the right to a bronze statue installed in the neighborhood and a ceremony is organized every year in April in his honor.

This is not the first time that this type of advertising has invaded these giant screens in the Japanese megalopolis. In 2021, a cat had already walked on the facades of buildings with a fish between its paws.

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