In Vannes, a stabbed dog is saved thanks to the intervention of the head of the pound – Bretagne

“In 23 years of career, I have never seen that”, still laments Sylvain Gillet. Thursday, July 7, around 3 p.m., he who manages the animal pound for the city of Vannes was contacted to take care of a dog who had been stabbed. The cause of this tragedy? A couple dispute arose in one of the residences of the city of Korrigans, located in the district of Ménimur, north of Vannes.

The pound to the rescue

According to our information, the act carried to the canine, a black labrador, would have been provoked by a woman, who would then have taken refuge in the apartment of her companion and owner of the animal. Warned by telephone by a neighbour, Sylvain Gillet, went directly to the site. “When I arrived, the poor beast was in bad shape. She was lying on the ground in a pool of blood. It was really painful to see. With a depth and a width of about 3 cm, the notch was substantial, ”he develops. Faced with the situation, and although it is not in his remit, the 45-year-old man, who has worked since 1999 for this town hall service, took the lead. “Normally, in this kind of case, it is up to the master to act. However, faced with the seriousness of the situation and noting that the latter had no vehicle, I decided to drive the Labrador myself to a veterinary clinic in order to try to save him”.

Saved by the vet

Upon his arrival at the Roosevelt veterinary clinic, the only structure with a sanitary dimension with which the animal pound of Vannes has the obligation to work, the canine was directly taken care of. “He had white lips. It is a sign that does not deceive. He had lost a lot of blood,” says Sylvain. As a result, “the vet stopped his ongoing consultations and operated on him immediately. Once sutured, we could validly say that the dog was out of trouble. If the blow had been delivered a little more to the left or to the right, the knife could have hit a kidney or even the spine. According to the words of the veterinarian, the Labrador was very lucky to get out of it. It is clearly a miracle, ”adds the animal friend.

A complaint lodged

Sensitive to the issue of violence against animals, the head of the pound is deeply saddened. “It revolts me that we attack them like that. Making a dog suffer is simply unacceptable to me. Nothing can legitimize such an act”. Today recovered and returned to his owner, the Labrador is doing well. As for the legal aspect, according to our information, a complaint has already been filed at the Vannes police station and the Vannes SPA is taking civil action. Case to follow.

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