increasingly rare birds in the Marais poitevin

In fifteen years, the number of shorebirds has fallen sharply in the Marais poitevin, according to the League for the Protection of Birds.

Thierry David

In 2021, 969 to 1,049 pairs of nesting waders were counted compared to 1,122 to 1,360 in 2005-2006, a drop of 20%. The crested lapwing, the most representative species of the Marais poitevin, would even have decreased by 40% between 2005 and 2021. The numbers of the common redshank and the black-tailed godwit have decreased by 32% and 50% respectively.

Support extensive farming

In a press release, the LPO once again challenges the public authorities and calls for new practices. “Land use and water level management are the essential factors influencing the reception of nesting waders. Faced with the decline of livestock farming and at the time of the reform of the common agricultural policy scheduled for 2023, it is imperative that extensive livestock farming systems be supported. The agri-environmental measures currently being drafted should enable stockbreeders to exploit grasslands without fertilizer and by maintaining water in the lower parts of the grasslands in the spring period. »

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