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Inflation: kibble, veterinarian… here is what has increased the most for dogs and cats

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Keeping an animal costs a lot more with inflation (©Adobe Stock)

It’s not just your food prices that are going up. those of your animals also. And the slate is salty. According to data visible on the website of the Ministry of the Economy, the average annual budget would be around 500 euros for a cat and 800 euros for a dog. Just for food. And that seems to be falling short of reality in recent months.

According to a survey carried out online by Harris Interactive (1), from November 2 to 4, 2021, the bill at that time was 1,535 euros, all expenses included, for a dog and 1,198 euros for a cat. And it is of course food which is by far the largest item of expenditure (ahead of hygiene and health, toys and accessories, health insurance and childcare costs). And for a few months, while France finds itself in a period of record inflation, it is still climbing.

An increase of almost 9% in the shelves of supermarkets

“We are seeing a price increase of around 8.8% over one year on dog and cat food on the shelves”, notes, on news.frMyriam Qadi, in charge of studies at NielsenIQ, the reference panelist on sales in supermarkets.

A (very) significant increase due to the soaring prices of energy, transport, packaging and cereals which also go into the composition of food, on which there may be supply tensions.

The FACCO, the Federation of Food Manufacturers for Dogs, Cats, Birds and Other Pets estimates that more than 95% of kibble-based food for dogs and cats will be added to this for 55% of boxes, 34 % of treats, and about 16% of table scraps), in other words, your pets’ food budget takes up space.

15 million cats, 7.5 million dogs in France

The animal most commonly owned by the French is fish (more than 30 million individuals), followed by cats (15 million) and dogs (7.5 million). The feline population is increasing (14.2 million in 2018, and 15.1 million in 2020) while the dog population remains stable. Nearly one in three French households owns a cat and one in five owns a dog.
To buy food, pet owners mainly go to supermarkets (more than half of sales are made there), according to the Ministry of the Economy, then to specialized channels (veterinarians , pet stores, garden centers, etc.) or resort to online shopping. The online sale of pet food is experiencing very strong growth.

The prices of veterinarians vary greatly depending on the city

Another increase in recent months: the prices of veterinary procedures and this is undoubtedly the most worrying. If animals entail incompressible expenses, necessarily impacted by inflation, associations and veterinarians are increasingly worried that individuals with the lowest incomes will start to cut corners on the quality of kibble or question the relevance of certain care, even to abandon their animals.

For the moment, the 30 Million Friends Foundation has not yet observed any withdrawals invoked for reasons of inflation. In the same way, she has not yet perceived that the current economic situation has an influence on the applications for adoption. On the other hand, the legal department receives more reports for lack of care (negligence) for which the persons concerned invoke the economic context to justify a lack of identification, update of vaccination or veterinary care to be carried out (including operation )

The 30 Million Friends Foundation

The Unleashed Mammoth, a site providing information and advice for pet owners, has reviewed prices in its 2022 barometer (2). Result of the investigation? The prices of the main veterinary procedures have increased by 2.32% between 2021 and 2022, and this average hides strong disparities depending on the city.

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Vaccination is the act that recorded the highest increase with an average increase of 3%. Overall, the expenses related to the first year of a cat’s life are 440 euros, calculated The Unleashed Mammoth (amount based on five acts: consultation, sterilization, vaccination, vaccination reminder and identification by chip). They climb to 660 euros for a small dog, chihuahua type, and 742 euros for a large dog, labrador type.

But these prices vary greatly depending on the city. The average price for a simple consultation is 38 euros nationally, but ranges from 20 to 85 euros depending on the firms studied. In question, in addition to the fact that veterinary prices are free, a rise in the price of medicines and a revaluation of 3%, on July 1, 2022, of the indices of the grid of non-veterinary employees of clinics.

(1) Survey conducted online by Harris Interactive from November 2 to 4, 2021. Sample of 1015 people, representative of French people aged 18 and over.

(2) 2,105 veterinary practices and clinics in 95 French departments were interviewed by telephone from April 19 to May 4, 2022 anonymously.

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