Inflation: what is the food product whose price has increased the most in one year?

Published on June 06, 2022 at 11:32 am

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According to INSEE, current inflation in France exceeded 5% last May. A phenomenon that worries the French. Dough, eggs, oil… Many products are affected. But which one suffered the biggest price increase?

France at the heart of inflation

For some time now, France has been faced with rising prices, particularly in food products. According to a study by the company NielsenIQ, 8 French people in the 10th say they are now paying attention to their expenses and 4 out of 10 respondents admit to being weakened by this price increase. So how can such a change be explained? The increase in the cost of raw materials, energy and transport. Moreover, the war in Ukraine has only accentuated this tendency.

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Results ? Many products have seen their prices rise considerably and the bill at the end of the shopping is proving to be more and more salty. An inflation that is felt even in products that we did not think of as water. Indeed, recently, we learned that the water of the Cristalline brand was going to experience an increase, a first in ten years. The price will therefore be 10 cents more expensive per pack of six bottles. Like water bottles, many products are affected by this phenomenon.

A food has undergone an increase of almost 20% in recent months

One food broke records, achieving an increase of almost 20%. This is frozen meat, as we learn from the site “Au Feminine”. Indeed, while meat in supermarkets has also peaked in recent months, it is frozen meat that has attracted consumers, reaching an increase of 18.16%. An increase which is, without a doubt, linked to the price of production costs and animal feed, which are experiencing real growth. Nevertheless, even if frozen meat is in the first position of the prices which have increased the most, many products are also affected. This is particularly the case for pasta which recorded an increase of 15.47%, minced meat with 14.56% or even pizza or short crust pastry with 12.47%.

The French have found alternatives to fight inflation

To fight against inflation, the French have adopted several techniques. The first one ? 46% pay attention to reducing food waste, according to a Kantar survey. To do this, they favor shelf life with a use-by date, buy anti-waste baskets or opt for applications like To Good To Go. cooking” for example. Finally, to save money, they do not hesitate to turn to hard discount brands that have been on the rise lately.

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