innovation in catering with two new establishments

At Mam’s, everything is family-run: from the vegetables produced on his parents’ farm to the saucepans he got from his uncle and aunt, and the black and white photos he found at his grandparents! The motto of the establishment? ” Like at home “.

Canning leaves the customer the choice of tasting his dishes at home or on site. The deposit system makes it possible not to have to repay the pot for the next drinks. For Kélian, it means fewer constraints and a more flexible schedule. Each week, the menu changes, sometimes with original recipes created by the young man. And there is always a vegetarian selection.

The beginnings are good. The young restaurateur says he is overwhelmed. He is even already planning to hire.

Always jars

At Miam Miam, which opened on Monday May 16, at 12, rue du President-Wilson, the concept is different: there are jars, yes, but in the grocery section. In the kitchen, we find Pierre Quernec.

Pierre Quernec, behind the stoves of Chez Miam Miam.

Melanie Brugues

“We do not sell dishes by the gram”

In addition to preserving local recipes, this former basketball player is keen to offer reinvented Périgord cuisine. Pierre claims to offer a menu that looks like him, for gourmets. He makes it a point of honor to sell generous portions: “We don’t sell dishes by the gram. »

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