Internet users remain blocked in the face of this challenge

Cat not found on a photo: Internet users remain blocked in the face of this challenge

On June 17, Lee Oman posted a photo on the @Thereisnocat_ Twitter account that left many netizens speechless.

Is there a cat in this photo?

The photo shows an image of a garden shed, with a wheelbarrow leaning against the wall of the shed.

When a photo is posted on the Twitter feed of the @Thereisnocat_ account, you can be sure that there is a cat hiding in the image, but it’s just extremely difficult to find it.

No less than 6,633 Internet users liked the challenge and 253 retweeted it!

Internet users give up

One person was delighted to announce, “I managed to find it on my own this time. »

But one confused netizen said: “I completely forgot what a cat looks like at this point, I’m losing it. »

Others searched for hours before realizing: “I give up. »

Lee said he took the photo when he saw his cat Ricky hiding between the wheelbarrow and the shed.

He thinks that Ricky didn’t do it intentionally and just ended up hiding by chance.

Lee didn’t know there was a dedicated Twitter account for camouflaged cat photos, until someone told him about it.

A netizen wrote: “There may not be a cat, but I think I see a tail. »

Indeed, only a micro end of tail protrudes in the photo and betrays the presence of Ricky behind the wheelbarrow!

And you, did you also spot the cat in the photo?

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