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INVESTIGATION – “I totally snapped”: the dangerous way to illegally detain servants

Owning a serval in France is possible after a long administrative process: you need trainer training and a suitable enclosure to obtain a certificate of competence. This document, Virginie does not have it. And yet she welcomes a servant into her home. For fear of it being seized, she wants to remain anonymous in front of our camera. She bought her baby serval at the Belgian border for 4,500 euros. As it grew up, it became aggressive towards its first owner, who got rid of it. Virginie then picked it up, believing it to be a Savannah, a cross between a cat and a serval, a species approved under certain conditions. “JI completely broke down, I had a feeling, but I knew nothing, she assures. When I knew it was too late, I loved her“. However, keeping a wild animal is punishable by 3 years in prison and a fine of 150,000 euros. But Virginie “So what“: “There we are talking about the love of a beast‘.

The Serval is in fashion, and the smugglers have understood that. On the Internet there are dozens of advertisements, all illegal. Prices vary from 3500 to 9000 euros. By contacting one of the sellers who lives in Spain, the TF1 team is sent back to Belarus. A woman in a bathrobe, who introduces herself as a breeder, then gives some summary advice on the phone: “He eats milk“. Price to bring the animal home in France: 7500 euros. The serval enters Europe via Poland, where an accomplice will establish false papers by passing it off as a domestic cat, an Egyptian Mau: baby, it is very difficult to tell them separated.


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