iPodcast with Azoline Moreau (Oratio Lawyers)

The entire real estate sector, and particularly housing, had (very!) had a hard time with the absence of a ministerial portfolio dedicated to it. Amélie de Montchalin had been able to assert, to make up for the blow, that she was “of course” Minister of Housing, no one had been fooled or reassured by this absence.

Even if some voices, here, including those of Philippe Pelletier, doubted the profound interest of the existence of a “specialized” minister, the appointment of Olivier Klein had the effect of a “divine surprise for professionals who are often worried, and rightly so.
Firstly because he is an elected official who knows the issues of the sector inside out: president of Anru since 2017 and mayor of Clichy-sous-Bois, “housing” subjects are no strangers to him. Then, another good sign, because the title of the ministry also includes the City, like an echo of the portfolio of Jean-Louis Borloo, always oh so much missed by the sector (his Jury Trophy at the “Trophées Logements et Territoires”, 2021, reminded him well).
It now remains to scrutinize the relations that the new Minister Delegate will maintain with Christophe Bechu who, a month after entering the Government, is promoted by becoming full-time Minister in charge of Ecological Transition and Territorial Cohesion.
But it will also be necessary to take an interest in the relations of the minister delegate with the Elysée, Matignon and Bercy, the three poles of power, without the support of which a minister, however competent he may be, is very helpless…

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