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Is my dog ​​sulking at me? Here are the reasons and what to do

The dog is an emotional vacuum cleaner, if you are not in good shape, worried, anxious, the dog can show signs of depression (©andrii-stock-adobe_-com_)

“As soon as I put on my jacket, my dog ​​goes to bed in his basket, explains Mathias, he has understood that I am leaving the house and that he will be left alone. You are right Mathias, your dog made the link between your departure and his loneliness.

Vets talk about separation anxiety, but it can also be boredom, lack of activity. Do not hesitate to leave your dog an object belonging to you or toys on which he can let off steam.

When you return, he may show his astonishment, you will have the feeling that he is sulking. It will take him some time to get used to your presence. Conversely, he can also express his joy to you by becoming very exuberant.

My dog ​​is sad, what should I do?

The dog is an emotional vacuum cleaner, he is able to feel your sadness, your melancholy… He will synchronize with your feelings, connect to you in a way.

If you are unwell, worried, anxious, the dog may show signs of depression.

It is necessary to be vigilant if it lacks appetite or on the contrary if it begins to swallow greedily the contents of its plate. A dog that licks its paws compulsively can be synonymous with sadness. He may also want to get your attention by doing mischief, chewing on your shoes, attacking furniture when you leave him alone.

Spot any unusual behavior

The animal is sensitive to its environment, a move can disturb it. You have to help him find new bearings. Your presence should be enough to reassure him.

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It is likely that your dog will start sulking when you come back from vacation, if you left him in boarding for example. It is important that he finds his bearings, his smells and that you spend time with him.

It’s time to show him some attention, to multiply the tickles and scratches. Offer him walks or try to make him play to distract him. And this little bit of blues will soon be forgotten!


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