“It’s like a pet”

This man managed to “tame” a giant wolf and now they are inseparable. Thousands of years ago, people began to domesticate animals, with the dog being one of the first wild animals to become loyal companions of our species.

It is believed that it was from the wolves of Southeast Asia that the four-legged animals that we know as dogs arose. And since thenthey have been an important part of our lives, so much so that we cannot imagine what our life would be like without them.

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A young man preferred to have a huge wolf as a pet rather than a dog

There are many people in the world who undoubtedly love dogs and try to keep one or more at home as an excellent companion. But there are those who are not so fond of these animals and prefer to have other types of pets, some equally domestic like catsor exotic such as birds, reptiles, insects and other mammals.

Whatever animal you choose, just make sure it has everything it needs for a good life, especially if it’s a wild animal. But some people go much further and choose to have large predators, like lions, tigers or a wolf.

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And that’s not the only surprising thing, because the young man claims that Akela, his wolf, behaves like a pet. He says she behaves much like a domestic dog, with a slight difference in size. Akela is huge, but she is his faithful companion and they spend every day together, playing and being affectionate.

The couple made their home in Siberia, a region well known for its low temperatures and the few flora and fauna able to withstand the extreme cold. The most common species in the region are birds and large mammals such as the Siberian tiger, snow fox, and of course, wolf.

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These animals are wild and good hunters, so naturally they would not make ideal pets. However, this did not bother Andrey, who decided to take a wolf home, as it is a female.

Andrey met Akela when she was still a baby and immediately knew they would be good friends. As expected, time has passed and Akela has become a magnificent and majestic wolf, measuring more than half a meter at the withers. And during these years, his size is not the only thing that has changed, because he has also learned to behave like an ordinary domestic dog.

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Experts say keeping wild animals is dangerous because you never know when they might let their instincts run wild and forget about their “domestication”. But Andrey doesn’t care; he trusts his best friend and claims that Akela is always well behaved.

The young man is aware of a wolf’s needs and tries to satisfy them all; he even raised funds to adapt his backyard to an environment as similar as possible to Akela’s natural habitat. Now Andrey shares content on YouTube and Instagram about his life with a wolf and already has nearly 100,000 followers. But of course, it is Akela who grabs the public’s attention, due to her beauty and exoticism.

Without a doubt, it must be a very special experience to live with a wolf on a daily basis. But as Shakira has already warned us, if a wolf is in the cupboard and wants to get out, he will eat the quarter before falling asleep.

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