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Jazz Correia accused of having abandoned her dogs: furious, she loses her temper!

Jazz Correia is angry! Accused of abandoning her dogs, she saw the Instagram account of a breeder she was promoting being deleted. She chuckles.

Jazz Correia has had enough! Chelsea and Cayden’s mum is heartbroken after seeing a puppy breeder’s account she was promoting being deleted.

jazz correia
The Jazz influencer @Instagram

Jazz Correia angry with his haters

Jazz Correia claims that this only happened because of people who accused him of promoting the sale of dogs whenshe allegedly abandoned hers. Some Internet users would then have decided to report the account of the breeder which she advertised, thus leading to deleting his Instagram.

Know that all the shitty haters watching us blew up the Instagram all out of hate telling them in a message that it was a shame that I bought a dog from them because I had already given up on my dogs.

Said Jazz via his story Instagram.

You bunch of morons. My dogs are not abandoned, they are in Dubai, in my house in Dubai!

she added very upset against her haters. She doesn’t understand how they can afford to hurt working people. She says she wanted to share this contact because she is a client herself and had received a lot of questions about her dog Tequila.

It drives me crazy the harm you do to people out of jealousy you bunch of frustrated assholes that you are. I can’t take you anymore. You go so far as to hurt people who have done nothing to you. You are shameful, mean and disgust me.

Jazz feels sorry for this “poor lady” whom she wanted to help by bringing her visibility.

You don’t give a fuck but follow me when you obviously don’t like me.

Video evidence

Jazz later shared videos of her dogs to show that they weren’t abandoned as people thought.

However, there are rumors that there are other reasons for the deletion of this breeder’s account.

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