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Jean-Luc Reichmann with his amputated dog: he shares a strong message against abandonment!

Jean-Luc Reichmann’s dog underwent an operation that left her with a certain peculiarity. Indeed, Donna, the female Labrador Retriever suffered a leg amputation… Today, she finds herself with only three legs. However, the facilitator does not imagine his life without her, and uses a photo of her to convey the subject of animal abandonment.

Jean-Luc Reichmann and his touching message

On his Instagram account, on July 25, 2021, Jean-Luc Reichmann posted a strong message. Adopt or take an animal to abandon it while going on vacation… Why take an animal? Don’t let them down »then denounced the host of 12 noon shots. Every year, hundreds of thousands of cats, dogs and other pets find themselves abandoned on the side of the road.

During the summer months shelters tend to experience a peak in the number of arrivals due to holiday departures. The result is that families are jumping at the thought of relaxing in the sun. And this, while innocent animals see their little hearts shattered into a thousand pieces. After a cowardly abandonment of their master in the wild. As a reminder, France remains the European champion in dropouts. And, this title is clearly not a title that makes you proud. Jean-Luc Reichmann therefore wishes to raise awareness on this subject, which he considers important for our country.

Jean-Luc Reichmann: “ You’re not abandoning me are you? »

For animal lovers like Jean-Luc Reichmann, this umpteenth observation upsets and provokes intense anger. As reported in an article in the columns of Here, the host has adopted a female Labrador Retriever named Donna. The dog therefore joined her family more than 8 years ago. Moreover, in April 2020, his master Jean-Luc Reichmann encouraged the public to favor the adoption of an animal when they are looking for a little ball of fur.

A year later, Jean-Luc Reichmann announced to his fans that his pet had to undergo an emergency medical and surgical procedure. The little beauty with the big eyes has indeed lost his left front leg. However, as he made it known on the social network, his handicap could never serve as an excuse for him to detach himself from her. On the contrary, their bond is much stronger. On this emotional postso we can find the following message. Say, even on 3 legs, you’re not abandoning me, are you? “.

Animal shelters are overflowing

By handing over the reins to Donna, Jean-Luc Reichmann made a strong message to potential future adopters. A way for him to denounce the phenomenon of abandonment of pets. A fashion that continues to claim thousands of victims each year… On July 31, 2022, the Animal protection Societyknown as SPA, then announced on its Twitter account that shelters are overwhelmed. The tweet brings a touching message. ” Endless abandonments, and more than 10,000 animals rescued in just a few weeks… The tragedy is here when the summer is far from over! “.

Jean-Luc Reichmann does not arrive not to find a single valid excuse about leaving a pet on the side of the road. The excuses given to justify abandonment remain diverse. “The dog is too difficult to train and destroys my furniture”, “I’m too sick to take care of my dog” or “We recently moved into a new apartment. One of the rules of the building is that no animals can live in these apartments”… Every excuse is worse than the last. However, the solution to this problem remains very clear. It must be understood that an animal constitutes a long-term commitment. It should therefore not be considered a fleeting pleasure. And this, to finally get tired of it and get rid of it. ” A dog is for life, not just for Christmas “. Jean-Luc Reichmann’s message should at least serve to realize that.

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