Johannesburg: the “perfect” dog of the family disfigures their little girl

The family’s docile, well-trained dog attacked their one-year-old daughter.

A “perfect” dog

The facts took place on August 21, 2021, in the family home in Johannesburg, in South Africa. A South African family nearly lost their one-year-old daughter. Their dog Saint Bernard “perfect, docile and well behavedripped off part of the girl’s face. She was left with a deep gash on her neck and a torn upper lip all the way to her nose.”Her lip was completely torn and she had a huge wound near her neck – it’s amazing she didn’t hit a major artery“, entrusted the mother of Mené, Lizanne Naudé.

The mother of the family said that she did not understand the behavior of the dog, savagely attacking his daughter with an aggressiveness without apparent cause. “He was well behaved and we had never had any problems with him“, she explained.

The slaughtered dog

The little girl was sitting in the kitchen while her father was preparing dinner when the dog suddenly attacked her. The mother heard the horrified cries of Mené and those of her husband and her 4-year-old son. She found her bloodied little girl.

The day after the attack, their St. Bernard also attacked Mené’s father. The latter’s wounds are currently healed, but this attack has prevented her from speaking properly. According to the mother, this operation required facial surgery and skin grafts. the dog had to be shot.

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