Johnny Depp, a “drug addict monster”? Amber Heard’s lawyers violently charge him

New confrontation between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.

The trial opened on Tuesday, April 12 in Fairfax, Virginia. The ex-spouses accuse each other of defamation in a column published by Amber Heard in 2018. She presented herself as a victim of domestic violence.

Following the paper’s publication, Johnny Depp filed a lawsuit for $50 million. The actor claims to have been boycotted from the “Pirates of the Caribbean” saga because of his ex-wife, who, according to him, is the one by whom the violence happened.

“Johnny Depp has built his reputation for almost thirty years. He was one of Hollywood’s most respected actors. Today, he knows that his name will be smeared for life, ”lamented his lawyer.

Amber Heard has sued for $100 million, alleging that Johnny Depp spread lies to harm her acting career. According Elaine Bredehofthis lawyer, he turned “into a monster” when he took drugs or drank alcohol.

It was during these outbursts that he allegedly “penetrated Amber with a bottle of alcohol” in 2015, before dragging her to the ground, punching her and threatening her with death.

False allegations for Camilla Vasquez, Depp’s lawyer. “Mademoiselle Heard is a manipulative person,” she says. When they first met in 2009, on the set of the movie Express Rum, “She wooed him and she went to great lengths to get him. He fell head over heels in love with her,” although his friends saw “red flags everywhere.”

Over time, “the real Miss Heard began to emerge”. Johnny Depp would have tried to flee, which would have made the young woman furious. One evening, she allegedly slashed one of his fingers with pieces of glass.

Two stories that clash, therefore. Who is telling the truth? Answer in seven weeks. Several celebrities are invited to testify, such as the actor James Franco, Paul Bettany or Ellen Barkin.

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