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Johnny Depp in a relationship with Joelle Rich, his lawyer

Johnny Depp would have taken advantage of his stay in Paris to see Vanessa Paradis again, revealed Here Paris. And he would no doubt have informed her of his relationship with his former lawyer, Joelle Rich.

Reunion of the Hollywood actor and the mother of his children.
“Johnny Depp plans to settle in France by buying a house, in Paris or in the inner suburbs to be closer to the people he loves most in the world,” the publication said.

To carry out his project, he would have sought the advice of Vanessa Paradis, who “continued to support him during the turmoil of the trial”.
And he would undoubtedly have information of his secret idyll with his former lawyer, Joelle Rich, a beautiful story revealed by TMZ.
Joelle Rich would be “married and in the middle of divorce proceedings”, a step before perhaps formalizing with Johnny Depp.

The interested parties did not comment on this allegation.
Earlier this year, it was rumored that the 59-year-old Hollywood actor was engaged in a relationship with his other lawyer, Camille Vasquez. But this story was brushed aside by the lawyer.

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