Johnny Depp trial: the actor’s astronomical addition to the restaurant after his victory

To celebrate the victory in his trial, Johnny Depp went to an Indian restaurant in Birmingham, England. And the least we can say is that the actor has heated the credit card.

After weeks of fierce litigation and extraordinary media coverage, Johnny Depp decided to take a breather. As a reminder, Amber Heard was condemned by the jurors to pay her former companion the monumental sum of 8,350,000 dollars. To celebrate the news, the star actor of the saga Pirates of the Caribbean went to a birmingham indian restaurant named Varanasi. “The most talked about person on the planet right now joined us for dinner last night! We had the great pleasure of being in the presence of Johnny Depp and Jeff Beck! What an amazing and humble experiencecan we read on the social networks of the restaurant in the caption of a photo of the actor.

Unsurprisingly, the restraint was not there. Indeed, Johnny Depp arrived with his friends to spend an evening of anthology. If the media Hello! mentioned an invoice of around $62,000 (€58,000)Mohammed Hussain, director of operations of Varanasi, remained more discreet during an interview with the DailyMail. “Money was not a problem, [la facture] was easily in the five figures, he declared to the English media, this Monday, June 6, before giving more details on the order of the actor. Indeed, according to the director of operations, the chefs served a banquet consisting of chicken tikka, kebab, karahi lamb and tandoori prawns. “We won more money with Depp’s visit than with our busiest night of the week, which is a Saturday when we have about 400 diners”said Mohammad Hussain.

The restaurant has been privatized for the occasion

Obviously, in view of this extraordinary opportunity, Mohammed Hussain wanted to privatize your restaurant. This decision was taken after the shock he suffered when he learned of the arrival of the star. “We received a surprise call on Sunday afternoon, telling us that Johnny Depp wanted to come and eat with a group of people. […] I was shocked, and at first, I thought maybe it was a joke. But then his security team came and inspected the restaurant, and we gave them all the space because we were worried that he would be disturbed by other dinershe concluded during his exchange with the DailyMail.

Article written in collaboration with 6Medias.

Photo credits: The ImageDirect / Bestimage

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