Jordan, a 31-year-old dad, is controversial after walking his quintuplets on a leash! (video)

“They are children, not dogs! or “Can’t you just raise your kids right?” Explain to them what the dangers are if they run away, ”we can read in particular under the video of Jordan Driskell, 31, showing him walking his quintuplets on a leash.

Faced with the many criticisms, he decided to fight back. “When people judge me for walking my quintuplets on a leash,” he wrote in his video, suggesting his critics step into his shoes and walk a mile with 5-year-old quintuplets.

The young dad uses these safety harnesses for his own peace of mind. “The children are always so curious. They love nothing more than to get away and explore the world. At least this way we can do fun things as a family, without having to worry all the time. »

Previously, Jordan used a six-seater stroller when he dated Zoey, Dakota, Hollyn, Asher, and Gavin. “Children also want to be able to walk on their own. A belt gives them this opportunity, but as a parent, we keep control, ”he justifies. The father, however, received a majority of messages of support.


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