Jubillar case. Broken glasses, telephone…: Cédric’s lawyers laminate the “sorcerer’s apprentices”

Me Allary and Me Martin, lawyers for Cédric Jubilllar, in Toulouse, on Friday September 23, 2022, before their client's hearing.
Mare Jean-Baptiste Alary and Alexandre Martin, Cédric Jubilllar’s lawyers, in Toulouse, on Friday September 23, 2022, probably before their client’s last hearing by the investigating judges. (©Laurent Derne / News Toulouse)

Of the’mixed DNA by Delphine and Cédric Jubillar on a pair of broken glasses. And one telephone which limits to an improbable and potentially compromising place for the husband.

“Broken to the point of no longer being portable”

The investigating judges had a few questions to ask plasterer from the Tarnindicted for the murder of his wife (which he denies), this Friday, September 23, 2022, at the Toulouse courthouse.

Why do the nurse glassesof which several witnesses agree that she still wore them in the last days (last hours?) of her life, were they found? broken “to the point of no longer being portable” according to an expert.

The 6:52 unlock

They did not just fall to the ground, according to him, and only a blow could explain their condition. And why is the mixed DNA of Delphine and Cédric – and only that of the couple – present on this pair of broken glasses? Excluding in fact, the intervention of a third party.

Another question: an expertise unveiled this week affirms that when Delphine’s phone was unlocked by an unknown handon December 16, 2020, at 6:52 a.m., when the young woman was already missing, the device was at least, in the immediate vicinity of the Jubillar home. And maybe even, extrapolating, inside.

The offensive defense

In the absence of Me Emmanuelle Franck, retained at the assizes within the framework of the appeal trial of the famous Burqa Killer, Mare Alexandre Martin and Jean-Baptiste Alary supported their client.

Whereas the man who proposes to host Cédric Jubillar, in the context of a hypothetical exit under an electronic bracelet, curiously broke the media truce this Friday, the lawyers showed their offensive temperament.

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“Sorcerer’s Apprentice Methods”

“We are coming out of an hour and a half interrogation which brought nothing at all, with questions going around in circles”, launched Mare Martin and Alary shortly before noon, in front of the strained microphones.

“Stubbornness, blindness of judges”, “methods of sorcerer’s apprentices” to discuss the expertise placing Delphine’s phone near the Jubillar’s home. The defense once again did not mince words:

“The method [de localisation du téléphone] is highly questionable. I have been doing this job for thirty years. In cases of narcotics or organized crime, we never manage to refine very precisely the location of a telephone. So, yes, this telephone remained in Cagnac-les-Mines. But at 6:52 a.m., Cédric Jubillar is at home with the gendarmes. He doesn’t have the code [pour déverrouiller] the phone [de Delphine]. We have to go back to the basics of criminology: this man is not in front of the gendarmes with Delphine’s phone, which he calls x times elsewhere!”.

Me Alexandre MartinLawyer for Cédric Jubillar

“Incompetence confines him to dishonesty”

For mee Alary, “magistrates get lost in hypotheses”. In this file, “incompetence confines him to dishonesty”lamin Me Martin when asked about the SPIP report. “This service is never moved by the living conditions of prisoners in Seysses (the remand center, editor’s note), but on the other hand they come to comment on the qualities of accommodation by truncating the truth. If even the probation service becomes the armed wing of the prosecution in this case… Our fight is daily! “.

The defense will appeal “in the next few hours” before the investigating chamber of the new rejection of his client’s release, thatToulouse News revealed to you on Wednesday, September 21. By calling for “a reconstitution in Cagnac”.

Me Alary concludes: “If after fifteen months of extremely difficult detention, this man has still not confessed, maybe it’s because he has nothing to confess. And that he is innocent of what he is accused of”.

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