Julie Rebollo, the Nîmes lawyer who ignites TikTok

After posting legal advice videos on the TikTok platform, the lawyer wins as many views as the most famous influencers.

Three million views in just 72 hours. You might as well write that Julie Rebollo, a sparkling labor law lawyer in Nîmes cannot believe it. Wishing to make herself known to the Gardois and to develop her clientele, the young woman found the team of L’Effet Mediatyc, the Nîmes communication agency specializing in social networks, in order to imagine a strategy to make herself known in a different way. .

3 million views

And when Fabien Forné, one of the agency’s founders, suggests that she also use the TikTok platform to develop her audience, the lawyer raises a circumspect eyebrow, somewhat surprised by this proposal for a social network known to attract the youngest. . But nay! Barely 72 hours after posting a dynamic video of the young woman delivering valuable advice on conventional separation, her account exploded and posted more than 3 million views. A score usually achieved by famous influencers and youtubers. More than 3,000 comments punctuate the initiative, including 800 requests for professional appointments.

In less than three months, his account went from 2,000 subscribers to 77,000 and has been receiving dozens of messages every day since. Alongside the Mediatyc team, Julie shoots two legal advice videos a week, broadcast on all her social networks, enlightening both employees and employers.

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