Kathleen, young Guadeloupean employed in a restaurant in the Gers: when Europe facilitates professional integration

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The Gers restaurant Le Comptoir des Colibris supported an employee from Guadeloupe as part of the European EDAP project, focused on professional integration.

“It’s a rebirth.” Moved and grateful, Kathleen Platon salutes the EDAP project. For this Guadeloupean who arrived in France not long ago, this project has been a real lifeline. The EDAP project, for “Europe gives wings to your projects”, is a European project for integration into the world of work carried out over more than three years, in which the Comptoir des Colibris, a Gers restaurant based in Cologne, participated .

It was in the kitchens of the Comptoir des Colibiris that Kathleen was able to discover the catering trades. But it was by chance that she joined the EDAP program. “I went there thinking of applying for a normal fixed-term contract. But from my job interview with Stéphanie (Grenier, restaurant manager, editor’s note), I understood that it was more than that, ”she confides.

Integration and emancipation mixed

And for good reason. As Stéphanie Grenier slips, the EDAP project aims to “mix integration and emancipation”. An extremely laudable will but quite difficult to put in place. “We have suffered the plasters to be able at the end of these three years to offer an almost turnkey program to employers”, she adds.

Stéphanie Grenier, president of the Comptoir des colibris, presents the results of the EDAP project.

A turnkey program that the director of the Auscitain restaurant Hôtel de France, Bruno Casassus, is scrutinizing closely. “People have a real lack of knowledge of the profession and we are in a sector with a loss of manpower. Initiatives such as the EDAP project are therefore essential”. It is for this reason that he is working on the idea of ​​integrating project participants into his establishment.

“Have the right to make mistakes”

He could well be tempted because, as Virginie Pougol, sociologist who participated in the project, said during the presentation of the results, “the program is very adaptable according to the reception structure but above all according to the person accompanied” . Kathleen testifies to the fact that she was able to “evolve with the constraints of life”, such as not having a car, and with “the right to make mistakes”.

In the room are present guides, accompanied and employers interested in the project.

In the room are present guides, accompanied and employers interested in the project.

The latter, like the sixty or so participants, followed the project in the field of catering, all of the project’s European partners (LERIS in France, AID and Croc’Espace in Belgium, Futura Gestiona in Spain, IAAD in Turkey) themselves part of it. But Stéphanie Grenier insists: “What we have put in place is applicable to all trades”.

Partnership with Pôle emploi

This is one of the reasons why the Pôle emploi de l’Isle-Jourdain welcomed the project and formed a partnership to be able to put it into practice with some of these beneficiaries, in particular those receiving the RSA. “Going through this course and obtaining the resulting certification allows those accompanied to present a diploma during a job interview”, underlines Virginie Pougol. And it seduces. Since 2022, applications to join the project have multiplied.

An Erasmus project

Led on a European scale, this project is part of the Erasmus programme. The European framework has made it possible to “strengthen the links between the different partners and has enabled the people accompanied to become aware of the realities of the different countries”, according to Sylvie Grenier, president of the Comptoir des colibris. During the presentation of the results, Carmen and Johanna, two Spanish participants, expressed their satisfaction with this project which allowed them to “find themselves”.

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