Kitten Found Stuck In Tree Decides To Move In With Couple Who Helped Him

As Ashley Pennington was walking her dog near her home, she heard a scream nearby. Looking around trying to find where the scream was coming from, she didn’t see anything strange at first sight, but once she got home she noticed the sound had intensified and was much louder. stronger.

Ashley told Love Meow:

“I was a little worried there was a cat in the crawl space, so I went back outside and finally found a kitten hanging on a tree. »

© ashley pennington

Ashley then helped him down the tree and thought that would be it. But the adorable feline rubbed shoulders with his legs and decided to spend time at home. Also, when he saw Ashley’s dog, Otis, in the yard, he immediately ran into the house.


Ashley says:

“My husband was asleep at the time and I knew he wouldn’t want another pet inside, so I took to Facebook and scoured the neighborhood to see if he belonged. to someone. »

The little kitten ran all over the house and entered every place with great confidence and ownership. After a while, he finally decided to rest on the Ashley’s lap.

© ashley pennington

Ashley said:

“My husband finally woke up and I said, ‘We have a problem.’ I took him to the garage where the kitten was, and he walked in as if the place belonged to him. »

At first, the man didn’t seem too happy about the feline’s presence and suggested calling a local animal shelter. He was sure he didn’t want another pet right now.

The woman says the next day she decided to contact a shelter describing the little feline and hoping they would call her if anyone had lost it. But no one seemed to know where he came from. So they officially made Kevin a member of their family and discovered a very cuddly, playful companion and a great purr.

© ashley pennington

Ashley said:

“About 20 minutes passed and my husband was outside playing with the kitten. ‘I’ll call you Kevin,’ he said. “He and our dog Otis love each other and we are very happy to have him by our side. Even when he’s full of energy, destroying curtains and doing parkour.”

The kitten found alone in this tree has grown into a beautiful cat and has a very curious and happy personality. He loves cardboard boxes and claims any box that comes into his home as his own.

After wandering the streets alone, Kevin is finally living the life of his dreams as a pampered indoor cat.

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