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Kitten in agony in 37 degrees rescued regains strength when placed in pocket of caretaker’s dungarees

This female kitten would not have survived very long under this blazing sun. Fortunately, a good Samaritan came to her rescue, but still had to put her back on her feet and give her confidence in the man.

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During the hot weather of August 2022, an individual discovered a poor animal lying on its back in the middle of its yard. She was inert, seemingly lifeless. As he approached, he realized that his little heart was still beating.

The man then took her under his wing, put her inside his cool house and contacted the association Front Street Animal Shelter.

“The mother and the other babies have disappeared. They found her in a temperature of over 37 degrees”clarified Haley Waughinformation coordinator of the shelter based in Sacramentoin the state of California to United States.

The kitten, later named Lavender, was taken to the vet for a check-up. Fortunately, she had quickly recovered from her heat stroke, but was terrified and disoriented.

Patience and kindness

Haley, to reassure her, placed it in the pocket of his overalls. The kitty was surprisingly relaxed, even if she still hissed at times. She finally felt safe near the beating heart of her benefactress.

The young woman therefore decided to take her to her home so that she could bottle-feed her 24 hours a day. Lavender accompanied Haley everywhere and especially at work, always well installed in her improvised baby carrier.

“Now when she hears my voice, she sits up and wobbles towards me. She puffs out her hair and enthusiastically reaches for her bottle despite her young age.has explained Haley at lovemeow.

Within days, the wild and fearful kitten turned into a loving and sweet baby. Its coat begins to grow, hinting at future dense, fluffy fur.

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Lavender received the help she needed from her Good Samaritan. However, she admitted that the rescue had been mutual. In effect, Haley was struggling to recover from the recent disappearance of 2 of his felines.

“I had a tough few weeks after losing 2 foster cats that were special to me. When one of my co-workers came over and handed it to me, I knew right away it was going to warm my heart”said the young woman.


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