Kitten rescued from bridge by cops is offered a home with one of them

A young tabby female found herself in a very bad position. Fortunately, she got the help she needed. The good Samaritans immediately took a liking to this little ball of fur.

On Saturday June 25, 2022, residents of the parish of Jefferson in the state of Louisiana to United Statescontacted the police after seeing a tabby kitten perched nearly 50 meters above the void, on the bridge of Huey Long that crosses the river Mississippi.

The agents Marvin and Eric were rushed to the scene and evacuated her by placing her carefully in a towel. The unfortunate was at the very top of the steel trellis, but was recovered without difficulty.

The little one, named Ms Bridget by his good Samaritans, appeared to be suffering from an injury to a hind leg. She was therefore taken to the nearest veterinary clinic.

A new start

Ms Bridget was terribly terrified of her experience. No one could say how she got there, but one thing was certain, she was now in good hands.

The animal doctor diagnosed a major fracture. He therefore put a cast on her that the little one will have to keep for a month.

After this period of convalescence, she will be fully recovered. It was planned to place Ms Bridget in a shelter, but the officer Eric couldn’t bring himself to leave her. He therefore chose to adopt it definitively.

The kitten was therefore vaccinated and identified and then joined her new loving home. She will be sterilized when she reaches the age of 6 months.

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“Ms. Bridget is a playful little cat who adapts very well to her family. She’s totally relaxed now… She plays all the time.”said Eric at Daily Paws.

She receives all the attention and affection that allow her to flourish every day. A heartwarming happy ending.


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