Kitten with Broken Legs Saved in Extremis Returns the Favor to His Owner by Becoming Her Emotional Assistance Cat

Cats have exceptional sensitivity. According to a study conducted by the Affinity Foundation and the Affinity Animal and Health Foundation Chair of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), for 83% of respondents, their cat is always there when they need it and find emotional comfort in it. the hard times.

Hailee Weader and her beautiful black cat Salem have been inseparable since she rescued him as a kitten. The unfortunate was found on the street at only 7 weeks old with 2 broken legs.

There followed a long recovery period and an unfailing complicity. Salem showed resilience and even grew into a mischievous young cat. “If I don’t wake up promptly at 8 a.m. to feed him, Salem will sit on my chest and gently pat my face or pull my hair until I get up”confirmed Hailee at The Nation.

Otherwise, Salem knows how to make himself understood. He got into the habit of showing his displeasure by swaying his mistress’s indoor plants. But at the same time, the alley cat can be affectionate and caring.

A found vocation

Hailee realized that Salem paid special attention to her whenever she had had a bad day or had a panic attack. “He comes to sit on my lap or snuggle up to me then starts cuddling and purring”said the young woman.

The presence of Salem at his side has gradually become indispensable for Hailee. She was thus able, for her last year of study at the university, to officially name him as her emotional support cat.

The duo therefore walked the aisles of the campus together, Salem safe in his stroller for small animals. “He was a real celebrity, and every time we walked around people would stop us, talk to him or pet him a bit”told Hailee.

Thus, when at the end of the year the young woman was ready to obtain her end-of-course diploma, she said to herself that her faithful companion also deserved to be rewarded for his altruism.

So she bought him an outfit for the occasion and Salem received their support chat certificate. “Everyone was in love with his costume. We were both honored and we were able to enjoy our ceremony as it should be”said Hailee.

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