Kitty, the cat who survived a 46-minute spin in a washing machine, her story revealed

Kitty, a two-year-old Persian cat from Cordoba, is nicknamed the miracle cat. If it’s true that cats have seven lives, this one only has six.

This Saturday, the feline didn’t seem at all happy to groom himself with his saliva and paws, so he thought it would be a good idea to freshen up in his owner Estrella’s washing machine.

“I don’t know how the cat crossed the yard and got into the washing machine. If she was inside and I didn’t see her or if she slipped inside through my negligence,” said the woman in Cordópolis in a narrowed and trembling voice.

Estrella put a pair of slippers and some rags in the drum, when Kitty took advantage of her owner’s carelessness to slip inside. As usual, the woman put in the laundry, closed the door and started a 30 degree wash program and a 46 minute cold spin.

Kitty was very lucky

It was Estrella’s daughter, in charge of collecting the laundry, who found the animal, which fled in panic towards the interior of the house, perfuming all the rooms in its path with the characteristic smell of ” clean laundry “.

Faced with such a mishap, the frightened family managed to take the animal and rush it to the vet to check on its health.

The vet checked the cat’s vital signs and performed a general examination. To everyone’s surprise, she was in good condition, with only a few breathing difficulties, nothing that couldn’t be cured with antibiotics.

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