La Coupole, the restaurant that breathes Biterrois rugby

In 2013, Éric Montagné carried out work so that his brewery would reflect the image of the great ASB.

La Coupole is known as the restaurant of Biterrois rugby. Éric Montagné, owner of the establishment, created the place for friends from Biterrois for rugby and ASBH fans.

He explains : “I want a restaurant with our values ​​of respect where everyone can come and eat a menu with fresh and homemade products at a more than affordable price.” Today, he is making his dream come true, with 200-dish days with “the same audience as in the stadiums”he smiles.

The headquarters of La Bandas Mescladis

Born in Béziers and passionate about Ovalie, he did not miss any of the Grand ASB finals between 1974 and 1984. Himself, having studied rugby in Béziers until junior, before continuing his sports career in Narbonne , in 1984. His passage on the meadows of Ovalie was however only a parenthesis in his professional career.

Also passionate about gastronomy, he had indeed moved to Montpellier to do a hotel school there. She will open the doors to him in particular at Nicolas Albano in La Tamarissière, at Léonce in Florensac and at the Carlton in Lausanne.

It was in 2009 that Éric Montagné bought La Coupole. He carried out work there in 2013 on the theme of Greater Béziers and rugby to mix his two passions and make it the place for rugby fans and the ASBH.

The brewery later became the headquarters of La Bandas Mescladis, French champion of peñas in Condon this year. These musicians animate the pre-match aperitif when the ASBH is about to scrap at the Raoul-Barrière stadium.

On the culinary level, La Coupole offers simple and quick cuisine, with a dish of the day prepared with fresh produce from the market.

Staff dressed in the colors of Biterrois rugby

Entrecôte, flank steak, andouillette 5A with real homemade fries as well as salads, Caesar à la Niçoise with the famous dome salad mesclun, tomatoes, ham, asparagus, Emmental cheese, eggs, green beans… Everything everyone can find their account and enjoy themselves at a fair price. In addition, Éric Montagné offers his planchas from Millas, an artisan from the Lacaune mountains, recognized by all starred chefs and food critics.

And to push the rugby spirit to the maximum, Éric Montagné and Michaël Guedj, boss of the Shilton brand, have been friends for over thirty years and work together. This benchmark brand of Biterrois rugby is “our official dresser, we are all dressed in the colors of rugby during the services”proudly exhibits the owner of the Coupole.

Open from Monday to Saturday. From 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. for the brasserie. From 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. for catering. 04 67 76 58 45, [email protected]

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