Lack of staff, a pensioner on crutches helps her son’s restaurant

An almost octogenarian who serves customers in a restaurant: no, this scene did not take place in the United States, where it is common to see elderly people working and doing the service, but in France, and precisely in Audenge in Gironde, reports ActuBordeaux on Sunday May 15. Geneviève, 79, and her son, Alexis, both manage the restaurant “Chez Geneviève” which is located in the Arcachon basin. Problem: they are unable to recruit staff, and had to close their establishment for three days for lack of arms to make it work.

Result: the septuagenarian who still takes care of the dishes, aperitifs and coffees, has a hard time replacing the missing staff. With a knee prosthesis, and crutches to move around, the plates have become too heavy, explains Geneviève to our colleagues from ActuBordeaux. His son, Alexis, may multiply in the kitchen, in the service, and at the reception, nothing helps. Managers can no longer accommodate everyone who shows up.

Currently, they are looking for at least six people for the summer, reports the local media. “I recruit all profiles. With experience it’s better, of course, but I can also train”, explains Alexis who has just recruited a young woman with no experience. But for a few days, the two friends have found their smile. The applications finally arrive, perhaps thanks to the slate placed in front of the restaurant which indicates the job offers, and above all an attractive salary: 2,000 euros net.

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