Large-scale operation to save 50 cats held in deplorable conditions

50 cats have been found in an unsanitary house in Pennsylvania. However, their three owners also lived there!

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Cats are sometimes found alone in abandoned houses. But what happened in Pennsylvania is quite different. A family of three has accumulated a large number of animals (more than 50 felines), so much so that they found themselves overwhelmed and unable to take care of them. This is called Noah’s syndrome, in reference to Noah’s ark.

A strong mobilization on the side of the associations

When the cats were discovered, they were living in deplorable conditions. Stacked on top of each other, they were dirty, covered in fleas, and in very poor health.

It was urgent to intervene. But the shelters are generally already full, and welcoming 50 new animals is not trivial. It is therefore a collective mobilization that has occurred. Several associations have come together to intervene in the house and help take care of the cats, 44 of whom have been cared for at the shelter. Griffin Pond Animal Shelter.

The Griffin Pond Animal Shelter has launched a call for donations

If the shelter Griffin Pond Animal Shelter found the place to accommodate all these felines, however he did not have the financial and human resources to take good care of them. In addition to having to feed 44 cats, it was also necessary to treat their fleas and other health concerns and to have them sterilized and vaccinated. The association has therefore launched an appeal for financial and material donations. They hoped to recover some transport cages and litter.

Volunteers also mobilized 24 hours a day to lend a hand at the shelter and comfort the cats, stressed by the exceptional situation.

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