“Larry the cat”, the cat who saw three Prime Ministers parade through 10 Downing street, is causing a buzz on social networks

While British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was recently pushed out, there is one occupant of 10 Downing Street who still remains firmly in place. “Larry the cat” has been staying here for 10 years. He was hired in 2011 as Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office. The official residence has indeed a long tradition of owning a cat in order to hunt the rodents that are there.

The feline has therefore already seen three British Prime Ministers. David Cameron had also addressed a few words to him during his farewell speech to Parliament in 2016. “I want to put an end to the rumors that I don’t like Larry, it’s not true, I have provided proof“, he exclaimed, holding up a photo of himself with the cat on his lap.Unfortunately I can’t take it with me, it belongs to 10 Downing Street“, had regretted the former Prime Minister.

Since then, Larry has become a real celebrity for the English who rejoice at each of his appearances, such as during a duplex on the BBC.

Or during a meeting with Barack Obama in 2011.

The cat even has its own Wikipedia page and Twitter account. This unofficial parody account comments on British current affairs from the rather anti-conservative Larry’s point of view. “I can no longer, in good conscience, live with this Prime Minister. Either he leaves or I leave“, could we read on his profile on July 5, accompanied by a photo of him behind a small platform in front of 10 Downing street.

We know the rest…

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