Larry, the Downing Street cat, also got a question

UNUSUAL – English humor never disappoints, even in times of crisis. This Thursday, July 7, a question asked to the cat of 10 Downing Street, the place of residence of the current British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, can testify to this.

In a video released by the Reuters news agency, a man can be heard asking the little feline named Larry, who is waiting outside the closed front door of the building, “if he too has asked Boris to resign” . Laughter escapes among the other journalists.

The altogether absurd question has something to lighten the atmosphere. Stuck in serial scandals, such as that of the holidays during confinement or that of the costly renovation of Downing Street, not to mention the social discontent against a background of inflation, Boris Johnson should leave the presidency of the conservative party, this Thursday, July 7 , and hence his post at 10 Downing Street.

His resignation comes in a tense context around Northern Ireland, London having presented a bill for a unilateral revision of post-Brexit customs provisions in the province, deemed illegal by the European Union which leaves the threat of reprisals hovering. commercial.

Boris Johnson’s turnaround

About fifty members of the government have in turn resigned for several days, the latest being the British Minister in charge of Northern Ireland, Bandon Lewis.

“Decent and responsible government is built on honesty, integrity and mutual respect – it is with deep personal regret that I must leave government as I believe these values ​​are no longer upheld,” he said. he estimated in a letter posted on Twitter and addressed to the Prime Minister.

The resignation of Boris Johnson, under pressure, marks a turning point, in particular because he initially affirmed that he intended to remain in his post to devote himself “to the extremely important problems” which the country is facing, according to the press.

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