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Launch of the e-DCM on the e-Actes d’avocat platform from June 1, 2022

Law n°2019-222 of March 23, 2019 on programming 2018-2022 and reform for justice, known as the “Belloubet Law” proceeded in its article 25 to a rewriting of article 1175, 1° of the Civil Code.

This now allows the use of an electronic signature for divorce by extrajudicial mutual consent of articles 229-1 and following of the Civil Code.

In response to these new provisions, the National Bar Council has undertaken developments aimed at setting up a secure device for the electronic signature of the divorce agreement by mutual consent via the e-Actes lawyer platform.

From June 1, 2022, the Conseil national des barreaux will offer lawyers and their clients a tool to dematerialize acts of divorce by mutual consent: the e-DCM.

The e-DCM will be integrated into the e-Actes d’avocat platform. This module will make it possible to carry out native electronic legal acts guaranteeing the concomitance of signatures and the location of the parties and their lawyers in accordance with the principle of articles 1175 of the civil code and 1145 of the code of civil procedure.

The joint work of the Conseil national des barreaux and the Conseil supérieur du notariat led to the implementation of an electronic transmission solution for the e-DCM module. Once finalized, the e-divorce agreement can be sent to notaries electronically directly from the e-Actes d’avocat platform.

Source: CNB

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