Lavelanet. A vacationer and his labrador assaulted by staff

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Sunday July 17, a young labrador was assaulted by two staffs in Lavelanet. The dog was injured and the master shocked by this aggression.

“I was shocked that I couldn’t help my dog, someone we love and who is part of the family. My daughter would have been in that dog’s jaw, I would have been helpless as I was been there”, explains, still moved, Yann Lecoq, owner of Sésar, his young Labrador of ten months. This attack by two American Staffordhir Terrir (staff), category 1 and 2 dogs, took place in Lavelanet on Sunday July 17 around 3 p.m. While they were walking near the Bons-Hommes campsite village, where he is staying during these holidays with his two dogs, he was attacked by two other dogs without muzzles or leashes. Sésar, his dog, was injured in the neck, while the holidaymaker got his hand bitten while trying to intervene. In addition to the physical pain of the master and his young Labrador, the end of the aggression resulted in insults with the owners of the category 1 and 2 dogs.

A complaint refused and dogs banned from going out

Once the three attackers and their dogs left, the 52-year-old man rushed to find a veterinarian to treat his labrador.

After having the animal examined, the resident of Éguilles, near Aix-en-Provence (Bouche-du-Rhône) went to the Lavelanet gendarmerie to file a complaint. “An officer told me that there was no complaint to file against X for an assault such as this. In any case, a bite between dogs is not considered an offence”. Still shocked, the owner of the labrador then decides to tell his misadventure on Facebook to “alert”. When he returned to his main residence with his family, Yann Lecoq followed the advice received in his publication and returned to file a complaint in his municipality. This time, his complaint could be registered and an investigation was opened. In the meantime and also thanks to the videos and photos he had time to take during his attack, the owners of the staffs were heard by the municipal police and the elected officials of Lavelanet, as the mayor of the town explains: “We took action when we became aware of the case. Owners were asked to keep their dogs in a pen and not go outside until they provide us with the documents ensuring that the dogs are in order [les chiens n’ayant pas de papiers et n’étant pas stérilisés, NDLR]. We did what had to be done, now the procedure is running its course”. less hectic rest days.

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