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Lawyer Daniel Soulez Larivière has constantly questioned the functioning of justice throughout his career

Daniel Soulez Larivière, in Paris, 16 July 2019.

There will be no tribune by “Soulez” on the dismissal of the seal keeper, Eric Dupond-Moretti, before the court of the republic, the law on war crimes in Ukraine or the latest media twists in the Bayou cases and the Quatennes. Lawyer and indefatigable scholar Daniel Soulez Larivière died accidentally in Paris on Saturday 1eh October, at the age of 80.

In the columns of World, his name appears for the first time in November 1969. Daniel Soulez Larivière is 27 years old, he has just been elected second secretary of the conference of the educational course, the eloquent competition of the bar in Paris, and is automatically appointed to assist the accused for the State’s Security court in a spy case. To the young man who some years earlier had left his province of Angevin to join the cabinet of Edgar Pisani, then minister of equipment and housing, and who considered embracing a political career, the lawyer’s mantle offered more: a combatant’s place in the public debate, with the weapon of the law.

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The courts then settled the Cold War. The court cases follow each other, Soulez opens his office and meets the journalist and writer Gilles Perrault. Then begins a fruitful collaboration between the two men, which will lead them to free Eugène Rousseau, a French service agent falsely accused of treason, then to defend the Pole Léopold Trepper, former head of the Red Orchestra, a spy network that is hostile to the Nazis. regime that worked for the Soviet Union, facing accusations from a former director of the Territorial Surveillance Directorate. Ironically, it was Daniel Soulez Larivière whom the state appealed to in 1985 to defend the fake Turenge spouses in the case of sabotage by the French intelligence service. Rainbow Warrior, The Greenpeace ship in Auckland Bay (New Zealand).


Daniel Soulez Larivière’s dual professional life is launched. The lawyer, who after state affairs specializes in handling crises and major claims, defends Airbus in the Mont Saint-Odile case, Total for the sinking of the I’Erika, by Air France in the Concorde crash, then again by Total in the AZF case. And at the same time the prolific author, who during the publication of around fifteen books – i.a. The lawyer (1982, La Gazette du palais, rev. 2019)The judges in balance (Ramsey, 1987)Justice for Justice (Threshold, 1990)From the media-legal circus (Threshold, 1993), Justice put to the test (Odile Jacob, 2002)Transparency and Virtue (Albin Michel, 2014) –, never stops questioning the functioning and dysfunctions of justice.

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