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lawyer suspected of creating fake victim profiles to lure clients

An ethics instruction has been opened by the Bar Association. Lawyer Richard Legrand is suspected of fraudulent canvassing.

The health scandals of Buitoni and Kinder are experiencing a new twist, and to say the least unexpected. According to the revelations of France Info, the Order of lawyers of the Paris bar opened, on Monday September 5, following a report, an ethics instruction against lawyer Richard Legrand, relating to serious suspicions of fraudulent canvassing of the victims. Information that was confirmed at Figaro.

According to this report, which France Info was able to consult, the lawyer, possibly accompanied by a third party, allegedly posed on Facebook as victims contaminated by the E.coli bacterium with the aim of encouraging real victims to contract with his firm. According to our colleagues, the Pharos internet reporting platform of the Ministry of the Interior also received a report at the end of April concerning this lawyer.

A sometimes intensive canvassing

The process used by Maître Richard Legrand, who today represents nearly 22 victims of the Buitoni and Kinder health scandals, would be simple. On Facebook, the group “Typical hemolytic and uremic syndrome – Let’s get out of silence” has been bringing together families of victims infected with the Escherichia coli bacteria for several years. With the appearance of the Buitoni scandals and then Kinder chocolates, in the spring of 2022, the families then found themselves on this group to discuss. It would be through this that the lawyer Richard Legrand would have tried to canvass, via false profiles of the parents of victims, new clients for his Parisian firm.

Several victims testified to France Info about intensive canvassing for several months, through private messages offering the services of the lawyer as well as immediate reminders by telephone. Jérôme, the president of the association SHU – Sortons du Silence and administrator of the Facebook group confirms to Figaro, having been contacted by Christine Pomino, one of these dubious profiles, created at the time of the revelation of the Buitoni pizza health scandal. “ She explained to me that she had chosen a lawyer with a lot of skills, namely Richard Legrand, who worked jointly with a doctor “, he says. Fallacious arguments such as the absence of fees if the collective action brought against Nestlé (owner of the Buitoni brand) and Ferrero were to fail were mentioned to convince the families. For his part, Maître Richard Legrand denies any fraudulent steps to win over clients.

As a reminder, when a report is made, an ethics instruction is systematically opened. An investigation, which can last up to 6 months, can then be opened in order to collect testimonies and information. “ If the breach of the ethical rules is significant, a disciplinary procedure is then opened which can lead to sanctions ranging from reprimand to radiation “, explains to Figaro a source familiar with the matter.


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