lawyers desperately looking for missing pieces

The hearing during which four island construction contractors were to appear was cut short. A new time. In question, a parcel file, some parts of which have disappeared…

It is a case which, at first glance, resembled all the other cases which are dealt with regularly before the criminal court of Bastia. But the case is starting to look like a fiasco.

A fiasco that is a bit messy, two days before the visit to Corsica of the Keeper of the Seals, Eric Dupont-Moretti…

The atmosphere was tense to say the least, at the opening of the hearing, this Tuesday, September 20.

Dominique Antoniotti, Pierre Natali, Jean-Jacques Vendasi and Jean-Marc Cermolacce, the four heads of construction companies suspected of having agreed to distort competition during a CdC call for tenders, in 2013, are present. Their lawyers too.

But everyone already knows that the hearing will not take place. The reason, an incomplete file. “There are missing documents, which seem fundamental for the prosecution, and which are not included in the proceedings. It is problematic for everyone. We cannot position ourselves on these documents, we have never had them in hand, and we do not even know whether they are incriminating, incriminating, or incriminating and discharging documents”plague master Marc-Antoine Luca, lawyer for Jean-Marc Cermolacce.

“These documents, in view of the summary report, are essential for the smooth running of the debates. This would allow us to ensure that the interpretation made of them by the investigator is accurate”believes Cynthia Costa-Sigrist, lawyer for Pierre Natali.

“Only the prosecution, the prosecuting body, had knowledge of these documents”, says Me Luca.

Unsurprisingly, the defense requests the nullity of the procedure. Between Stéphanie Pradelle, assistant prosecutor and the lawyers, the tone is not really pleasant. The public prosecutor requests the dismissal, but she believes that the case can still be tried, despite the missing documents.

This is not the first hiccup in this case. The hearing was originally scheduled to take place on February 23. Only then, the defense then discovered, at the hearing, the existence in the prosecution file of the hearings of a report by an official of the labor department. A little late to review them. The criminal court, after deliberation, returns the case to this Tuesday, September 20…

“And on September 20, it’s the same story”sighs Me Luca.

For the time being, we do not know the rest of the case.
First, because the criminal court has not yet ruled on the request for nullity of the procedure.
Second, because no one seems to have any idea where the missing pieces went…

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