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Lawyers for “Jubillar de l’Yonne”, imprisoned for 3 months, denounce “scandalous” justice

It was in Joigny (Yonne) that Chantal Mellet disappeared on July 2, 2020. - Capture Google Street View

It was in Joigny (Yonne) that Chantal Mellet disappeared on July 2, 2020. – Capture Google Street View

It is an ongoing file that continues to remind another. On one side, there is Cédric Jubillar, on the other, Frédéric Mellet, nicknamed the “Jubillar of Yonne”. A wife who disappeared in 2020, a struggling couple, a husband indicted although still presumed innocent and who continues to deny the murder… the two cases have many similarities.

Frédéric Mellet’s lawyers will file a new request for release, we learned this Sunday in The Parisian, while a first was rejected on July 28. They appealed in cassation and denounce a “scandalous” attitude of justice and a “botched” investigation.

“He is incriminated in the disappearance of his wife, while he continues to proclaim his innocence and that he has, from the start, collaborated with justice and will continue to do so to obtain the truth. It is in proceeding in this way that justice makes its biggest mistakes”, deplore Me Yasmina Belmokhtar and Frank Berton.

An extramarital relationship

Chantal Mellet, 53-year-old goat breeder, disappeared from her home in Joigny (Yonne) on July 2, 2020. That morning, Frédéric Mellet got up “between 5 and 6 a.m.” and went to milk his goats. According to his story, he brings milk to his wife several times. Then, he gives her an appointment around 9 a.m. to talk about a “personal subject”.

The “subject” in question is the desire that the 55-year-old farmer had expressed a few days earlier: to leave everything to go and live with her lover. In the evening, it is also this man who reports the disappearance of Chantal Mellet, reports The Parisian.

But at the time of the appointment, his wife is no longer at home, says Frédéric Mellet. Two hours later, at 11:10 a.m., he makes a purchase at a DIY store. It is these two hours that the investigators are trying at all costs to reconstruct.

Phone “more locatable”

Frédéric Mellet denies having killed his wife, despite a profile and the first elements of the investigation which would make him the ideal culprit.

Indeed, the day before the disappearance, he canceled an appointment. In addition, the expertise carried out on Frédéric Mellet’s phone “reveals that his phone can no longer be located from 6:28 a.m. to 10:20 a.m.”. It would therefore have been put in airplane mode or turned off. An element “unusual according to the examination of his telephony”, specifies a judgment of the chamber of the instruction.

Another element that intrigues the gendarmes: the story of the youngest daughter of the couple, aged 21, who has evolved and changed over the past two years, in particular concerning her date of awakening on the morning of the disappearance.

No confession

Frédéric Mellet was questioned at length by the gendarmes. Answers that were not deemed convincing since he was indicted for murder on a spouse on May 20 and imprisoned since.

However, his lawyers denounce elements that are too light to put a man behind bars. For his part, Frédéric Mellet maintains his speech. “I didn’t hurt my wife. We ate each other’s faces, but we had limits,” he told investigators.

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