LE CREUSOT: He lets the dogs he raises die of heat in a caravan and tries to burn them, to make them disappear

The one who dreamed of being an American Bully breeder, presented himself to the Police… The dogs had been buried after an attempt at cremation.

We can never repeat it enough: high heat can kill. If prevention messages exist for humans, on the other hand there are none for animals. And in the matter, an inhabitant of Creusot, showed a mortal lightness.
Launched into an improbable breeding of dogs of the “American Bully” breed, he was absent from Le Creusot. And he left a good 20 dogs in a caravan, which he later explained had air conditioning and that it broke down while he was away!
It was he himself who discovered that about fifteen of his dogs had perished, dead suffocated by the heat. It was at the beginning of the weekend and the apprentice breeder wanted to make the dogs found dead disappear by burning them, before burying them at the bottom of a garden.

It was one of his acquaintances who, according to our information, convinced him to go and explain the facts to the police. The boy thus presented himself, during the weekend, to the police station of Le Creusot.
Investigations by investigators revealed that before being buried, the dogs had been burned. What their owner obviously recognized. He will be prosecuted and the SPA of the Creusotine Region, which is established in Marmagne, should file a complaint for “mistreatment”. The dogs that had escaped death, meanwhile, were taken care of by the SPA. To be continued…


(Illustrative photo)

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