Le Creusot. In this Italian restaurant, the pizzaïola is 74 years old

Full evening of service, at pizza king , a small Italian restaurant on rue Maréchal-Leclerc in Le Creusot, the phone rings. Alexandre, member of the owner’s family and employee, answers and writes down the order. When asked when it will be possible to collect the pizzas, he turns to the counter. Head down, a little piece of lady multiplies. “How soon, Peppina?” “, he asks. “I still have three pizzas to make… So 25 minutes should be good,” replies the pizzaïola, with a half-Italian, half-Burgundy accent. Here, the boss is her: Peppina Iacono, 74 years old.

A life of pizza and love

the pizza king is the 7e restaurant opened by this grandmother of seven grandchildren. In her long career as her pizza shovel, this native of Calabria has known business. And countries. Arrived in 1957 at Le Creusot, Peppina lived a life that cannot be told without associating that of Salvatore Iacono, her husband from…

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