LE CREUSOT-MONTCEAU: A generous donor offers food for the birds

The operation took place on Friday and Saturday at the premises of the ornithological association in La Mouillelongue.

In a spirit of mobilization and generosity, an anonymous benefactor offered all members of the Ornithological Creusot Montceau association a season of food for all bird farms.
The distribution of this food “fallen from the sky” took place at the premises of the Mouillelongue home this Friday and Saturday. This initiative should be welcomed. It began in the face of the financial difficulties encountered by a couple of members, confronted with galloping inflation and the flagrant loss of their purchasing power.
Saturday morning Antoine Péreira, president of the association, warmly thanked the generous donor. “He is a former member of the association, he lives near Charolais! slipped the president on Saturday morning, before recalling that 60 members made up his association.

Nearly 400 boxes of pâté have already been delivered by the supplier “Le Moulin Giraud” located in Ozan in the Allier and have been distributed to members. “We buy seeds and depending on the number of points the supplier delivers boxes of pâté to us for free…” Antoine delivered. This solidarity and joint operation should take place over two years.


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