Le Pit restaurant in Claouey, it’s over

We had the impression that this establishment had always existed, from the time of Chez Pazinette in the 50s and 60s, with its pétanque court, its guinguette… “We don’t even know since when it had been open for the first time” asks Beatrice.

A piece of history that is disappearing, but also one of the last spots on the peninsula for craftsmen, workers, who thus had a good plan for lunch. Not to mention the tourists who also found their account there.

For Francis and Béatrice, however, it was necessary to turn the page. “Francis is 60 years old, confides Béatrice, he was behind the counter 17 hours a day, he is exhausted, and so am I. We held the Pit for ten years and we have the impression that it represents twenty-five years of work! »


Yet the couple never spared themselves, in the “business” since 1989. After having held a business opposite in Arcachon, the bar restaurant Le Noël until 2005, they wanted to resume “normal jobs”, but the they missed their job too much. And it was in 2012 that they took over Le Pit.

The couple will not leave Claouey for as much. We will soon find them, 100 meters further south, in the new commercial buildings which are being completed.

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