Léna Guillou (The Villa of Broken Hearts) belittled next to her spouse Adil Rami, she gives a rant

On a trip to Marrakech with her companion Adil Rami, Léna Guillou, former candidate of The Villa of Broken Heartswas scandalized by the behavior of the locals.

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Léna Guillou made a name for herself by participating in the cult W9 show, The people of Marseilles. Following her first stint on the small screen, the young woman chained television adventures, becoming one of the princesses who came to seek love on the dating show The princes and princesses of love. It was by presenting herself as a heart to take that she joined the last season of The Villa of Broken Hearts, this time as a seductress. An adventure that she quickly cut short, since her heart prompted her to join her current companion, footballer Adil Rami. In a relationship for several months now, the TV candidate has faced numerous charges. Some suspected her of being in a relationship with the former world champion for his status, and even for his money. Insensitive to these remarks, Léna has, on several occasions, denied these rumors. Only, this morning, it is another problem that the young woman wanted to share with her community.

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I am his pet

On a trip to Marrakech with her companion, Léna faced behavior that made her mad. It is in story that she confided: “There is something that makes me squeeze here (…). They only talk to Adil.“Before continuing:”We offer him a drink, we wish him a good evening, while I’m next door. Really, I stink of shit. I am his pet.” Sharing her impressions with her subscribers, she wanted to know their opinions on such situations.

They treat me like a common thing that comes with it

After these declarations, the Lena community reacted. Preferring to stop the bleeding in time, she explained: “My community, whether French or North African, understood that it was due to the fact that he surely had notoriety here. So, by waxing his pumps too much, they come to treat me like a vulgar thing that accompanies him.“Not damning Moroccan culture, she regretted the lack of discernment and added:”They want to do well for Adil, but forget about the person accompanying him. It’s disrespectful.

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Article written with the collaboration of 6Medias.

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