Lidl hits hard and announces the great return of its essential range which has met with enormous success!

An Asian week for Lidl

The German brand wants to take you on a journey from June 1 to 7 with the return of the VITASIA range, specializing in delicious Asian flavors. There are dozens of products, always offered at reduced prices (and yes, despite inflation) waiting for you on the shelves.. Judge for yourself: spring rolls, noodles or even curry pastes. Everything is done to delight you.

The great selection of noodles comes at prices that put the competition at bay, far behind. Instant noodles sold at 69 cents or express, sold at 39 cents. Enough to fill your cupboards to make meals quickly, when you don’t have time, but you still want to eat well.

Those who like to cook will be delighted to be able to play with flavors by buying chili sauce, rice vinegar, curry pastes… But that’s not all, Lidl also plans to transform your aperitifs so that they are in tune with Asia.

Prepare meal trays for less than 4 euros

Imagine a tray filled with spring rolls, samosas, chicken meatballs or vegetable meatballs. Stop dreaming, Lidl has done it. These trays, large enough for two people, cost only 3.49 euros!

But that’s not all since you can also find caramelized pork, Dim Sum, shrimps on the shelves… And of course, because Asian food would be nothing without it, rice is also on the menu. The 2 kg packet of rice in the range is offered at 3.99 euros. Finally, to end the meal on a sweet note, the Lassi is highly recommended. This very popular drink in India makes you end the meal on a delicious note and makes you feel like you are traveling.

Make your recipes with Monsieur Cuisine

To make a 100% Lidl meal, you might as well prepare everything with your famous food processor, which is often out of stock and available in several models. The German brand has considerably changed the kitchen robot market with this multifunction robot offered at a price up to four times lower than the competition.

As said above, several versions of this robot exist. Recently, a brand new one hit the shelves. It follows what is called the Smart version. On the latter, it is possible to have access, via the eight-inch touch screen, to a selection of six hundred recipes. The new version, called Edition Plus does not offer this functionality. But do not panic, to have access to the recipes on the Plus Edition, you simply need your smartphone since they are available on the application.

And while the Smart version has a few extra functions (close, simmer or even cook eggs), for the rest it’s pretty much the same. The Monsieur Cuisine Edition Plus allows you to weigh, cook, brown, steam, crush ice, blend, chop, knead, emulsify, purée… Suffice to say that the possibilities are numerous. It is composed of a mixing bowl of more than 2 liters, an integrated scale, ten speeds are offered, as is the turbo function.

With this robot, all your favorite recipes can be made effortlessly and quickly. What have the impression of being in the restaurant. Just follow the recipes to enjoy a smoothie, a delicious chocolate cake, fondant cookies or even a delicious gazpacho.

And in terms of price? You will find it hard to believe. Lidl is indeed hitting very, very hard. This kitchen robot that will make your life easier is offered at only 229 euros per unit, against 359 euros for the connected version. It doesn’t stop there. For those who have the loyalty card, which is free, an additional thirty euros reduction is offered. Therefore, the robot can cost you only 199 euros.

Imagine cooking your favorite Asian dishes thanks to the recipes provided in Monsieur Cuisine. This summer, stock up on Asian flavors!

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