Lidl hits hard with this revolutionary and essential appliance for the kitchen that will revolutionize your daily life

This week is marked by the return of Monsieur Cuisine. Consumers will be delighted. With its power and ergonomics, it makes all kinds of recipes in record time. In addition, its price is more than reasonable.

Lidl: The cooking robot resurfaces

Lidl is known for its marketing stunts. This time, the brand announces the great return of its famous multifunction robot. A golden opportunity for those who missed it last time.

As summer approaches, the French are gearing up for summer recipes. Lidl intends to help them with this robot which has revolutionized the world of cooking. Thermomix better watch out, because the competition is likely to be tough.

In France, Lidl seems to have found its place. Indeed, it has become one of the favorite brands of the French. Its aggressive prices make consumers loyal to it. A policy that makes life difficult for its competitors.

Hundreds of recipe videos preloaded

When you buy it, you will find many recipes preloaded in video format in this robot. Those less gifted in the kitchen will therefore be happy to take inspiration from it. It’s convenient and efficient. Summer with family, lovers or even between neighbors will be pleasant. All thanks to Lidl.

This new generation Mister Robot is also equipped with new features. Useful features for simple and intuitive cooking. It also has a responsive eight-inch screen. Those who struggle to come up with a recipe while in the kitchen will find this item fascinating.

Easy handling

Getting started is easier. Monsieur Cuisine is equipped with an ergonomic handle, specially designed for one-handed use. With its power which can reach 1000 watts, the food processor allows you to work twice as much dough. The cooker can hold up to one kilo of flour.

With its video assistance, the food processor allows you to select several recipes. So, no need for a phone or tablet, since once connected to a wifi network, it gives access to several recipes. These recipes are contained in a database and are updated frequently. The robot has reinvented the way of cooking and it becomes much simpler and more intuitive.

An aggressive price

What is amazing with this device is its exceptional price. Lidl has set the price at just 429 euros. Customers with a loyalty card will receive a 30% discount. Which means they can have it for just 399 euros.

Those who want them should hurry, because Lidl only sells these robots for a certain time in the year. And the brand is already warning that stocks will be limited. For information, it is possible to obtain it via the internet on the Lidl store website.

His reputation precedes him

As a reminder, this multifunction robot had already caused a sensation in the past. The German firm has also built a solid reputation. Indeed, the brand continues to impress consumers with its practical robots sold at low prices. They come in large numbers to buy it. And they even line up.

This Mr. Kitchen can do it all: chopping, mixing, cooking, seasoning and other kitchen tasks. And all this in record time. So there is no more to worry about. From now on, there is no need to be an expert in the kitchen to make a good recipe.

Lidl: Monsieur Cuisine and its characteristics

In this Monsieur Cuisine, there are three programs:

  • First the “Steam cooking” program for healthy cooking.
  • Then the “Knead” program to make thick pastes.
  • Finally, the “Saisir” program which allows you to adjust the temperature up to 130°C and to rotate in the opposite direction so that there is no crushing.

Monsieur Cuisine also has a timer and an integrated scale to weigh the food in the bowl.

His accessories

In order to facilitate the use of the food processor, many accessories have been designed to accompany the food processor, including:

  • A measuring cup for dosing
  • A stainless steel mixer for mixing, without forgetting its lid
  • A basket containing a chopping knife, a beater and a spatula
  • And two other steamer baskets, flat and ceiling, as well as their lids

Of course, after use, all these accessories can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

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