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Lidl unveils animal essentials for less than €40!

The Lidl brand unveils its range of essential products for animals and for less than 40 euros! We will tell you more.

Make your little furry friends happy! The brand Lidl unveils its essential products for under 40 euros! MCE TV tells you everything.

Essentials for your pets

In France, every second household has at least one pet. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, would thus have almost 80 million animals.

Most French people have chosen to share their home with a cat. In fact, since the 2000s we have observed one sharp increase in the number of cats in France.

That dogs come second. And their numbers tend to decrease over the years.

Taking care of your pet is not easy. Even sometimes it requires a real budget!

But the label Lidl has understood how much our little fur balls mean to us. Therefore, she decided to set on sale a selection of products to please our friends.

After the 2 in 1 steam mop, Super practical when you have a cat, Lidl has unveiled the essentials for your four-legged friends.

If you have a cat, it may fall in love with it. his new cat tree was sold for 39.99 euros at Lidl! If you are used to traveling with your cat, or want to do so more often, consider the cat carrier.

Lidl sells some one for only 12.99 euros! It can also be used as a litter box if your cat does not leave the house.

Lidl unveils animal essentials for less than €40!

Lidl: products for shopping

That cat masters are spoiled at Lidl! The brand has just unveiled an adorable cat basket for only 11.99 euros. We love the sleek design and its cutout in the shape of cat ears!

Does your pet also need a little haircut? Lidl sells then an animal clipper for 14.99 euros only.

After grooming, you don’t want your little dog to be cold? Consider the Pet Hot Air Brush available for 14.99 euros at Lidl!

The harness is an important accessory for walking your dog. It can actually be very handy! Lidl sells a dog model for only 6.99 euros. Let’s go for it beautiful walks with your doggy!

Also remember to take a leash to walk your pet without losing it. The German brand sells a retractable model for 6.99 euros.

A pet bed is also available for sale for 29.99 euros. For extra comfort for your furry little friend, think of the basket for animals. Lidl sells one for 31.99 euros! We love.

With the Lidl brand, you therefore get enough take care of your pet. All without breaking the bank!

In fact, accessories and pet products can sometimes be very expensive. Therefore, it is also very important to think carefully before commit to getting a pet.

Almost every summer 60,000 animals are left on the roads. The year 2022 has also been very complicated for SPA. Especially because of the declining number of adoptions.

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