Ligue 1 – A goal from Kevin Gameiro, a victory in Brest (0-1) and Strasbourg returns to the top 5

Strasbourg believes in Europe more than ever. The Alsatians went to win a short but precious victory on the lawn of Brest, Saturday, during the 36th day of Ligue 1 (0-1). In a balanced match, the volunteer Kévin Gameiro made the difference and found the fault (72nd). His goal allows Julien Stéphan’s men to temporarily take 5th place in the standings on goal difference ahead of Nice, who are playing in the Coupe de France final.

Well positioned in the middle of the table, the Brestois hoped to overtake Lille and integrate the Top 10. In the middle of the festive atmosphere of Francis-Le Blé, they started the meeting foot to the floor. In the wake of a twirling Youcef Belaïli, they immediately obtained a corner from which Steve Mounié took over with a header at the far post and found the crossbar of Matz Sels (2nd).

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A bar everywhere

Sharp in front, the Bretons still shook a reworked Alsatian defense and lacking in benchmarks due to the absences of Alexander Djiku, Lucas Perrin and Frédéric Guilbert. Anthony Caci thus let Martin Satriano pass in front of him to take over a cross from Haris Belkebla before deflecting the ball narrowly (17th).

The visitors did well again and were finally able to put their foot on the ball to project themselves forward. Holder in front, Habib Diallo rolled up from the right but Marco Bizot diverted his shot (19th). The Finistère goalkeeper was however beaten when Gameiro tumbled in the middle of his area and placed a shot in the race but the ball crashed on his bar (33rd). Despite lively debates, the score had not moved at the break.

Gameiro rewarded

On resumption, Strasbourg clearly raised the tone in terms of offensive intentions. Bizot miraculously escaped from the penalty spot against Gameiro, then Diallo (49th). The latter then missed the frame with a powerful header from a corner (51st). If Brest ended up reacting with a nice curled shot from Belaili diverted by Sels (65th), the Alsatian visitors remained dominating.

Ludovic Ajorque replaced Diallo, stirring but not killer enough (68th). Gameiro continued to struggle. Launched full axis, he spun towards the surface of Bizot who won the duel but Christophe Hérelle returned the ball to him by tackling and the striker was able to push him into the empty goal (0-1, 72nd).

Gameiro now has 11 goals in L1 this season. Satriano, he remains at 4 achievements. The Uruguayan on loan from Inter thought he quickly equalized with a small cross shot from the left after a failed recovery from incoming Irvin Cardona but the VAR refused his goal for a very slight offside from Mounié who had recovered from the head (75th). Brest pushed in the last quarter of an hour without being really dangerous. On the contrary, it was his goalkeeper Bizot who had to be vigilant and reactive against Ajorque (89th), then Gameiro (90th +2).

Winner of their 3 previous matches, the SB29 did not do enough this time. After a setback in Lille (1-0) and a draw against PSG (3-3), the RCSA returned to success. To get a European ticket, he will have to go on and finish strong against Clermont then OM.

Kevin Gameiro during Brest – Strasbourg in Ligue 1

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